24 Hour Concrete Pour - Laird Station

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June 15, 2020




JUNE 16-17, 2020

What Work is Taking Place?

Beginning Tuesday, June 16, 2020, crews will perform a 24-hour concrete pour at the main and secondary entrance at Laird Station. Work will begin as early as 4:30 a.m. and the pour will be ongoing for approximately 24 hours.  

Work Area Map


  • A 24-hour concrete pour will take place at the main and secondary entrance at Laird station.
  • Because concrete pours require continuous supply of concrete, truck staging area will occupy one southbound lane on Laird Drive, south of Eglinton Avenue East.
  • Noise can be expected from concrete trucks and pumps.
  • A paid duty officer will be onsite to assist motorists at the intersection as required. 

Traffic Details

  • A temporary closure of one southbound lane on Laird Drive south of Eglinton Avenue East. 
  • Increased truck traffic travelling through the area.  

Pedestrian and TTC Details

  • There will be no new impacts to existing pedestrian routes or TTC stop