Chaplin Station Open House

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février 24, 2014

If you were unable to attend the Open House on Feburary 24, you can learn all about the upcoming installation of a jet grout plant and headwall construction in the Chaplin and Eglinton area:

Slide presentation summary:

The first tunnel boring machine is well underway with tunnelling; it recently bored through the headwall at Keele St. The second TBM is following closely behind.

In 2013 the majority of tunnel works took place between Black Creek Drive and the vicinity of Allen Road. In 2014 the work continues east of Allen Road.

Crews are starting the construction of headwalls and utility relocation at future station sites along Eglinton Avenue West.

Crews are preparing for the installation of a grout plant at Chaplin.

The site will be situated on Metrolinx-owned property and occupy City of Toronto roadway. A fence will enclose the site to demarcate the site from the public roadway throughout the entire works.

The plant will service headwall construction for Chaplin Station and cross-passages at Vesta Dr and Castle Knock Road. The site is expected to be in place for approximately 8-10 months.

The advantages of jet grout technique for headwall installation are: reduced requirement for extensive utility relocation; and overall construction time savings.

With appropriate permissions in place, Metrolinx’s contractor will:

  • Begin to set up the grout plant
  • Install fencing and secure the perimeter
  • Install grout lines in the roadway
  • Test works
  • Begin Chaplin headwall construction works
  • Chaplin headwall construction is currently scheduled to commence in March 2014
  • 8-10 months anticipated
  • Headwall works at Avenue Road and Bathurst are currently being reviewed

Community Relations will outreach to specific condos and apartment buildings to raise awareness of the site and planned works.